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Hat Making

A blessed hat just for you

When I travel, I am always searching for that perfect something. Often times, I pray that it is a super special hat; which would fall into my world. Turns out, that if you stumble into our shop in Venice, California you too might have one of those days!

In addition to making handmade scarfs, ascots, bandanas, pocket squares right here in our store, I also make custom hats. My hat making story begins with a phone call to my brother. He explains to me, he has a friend that I totally need to connect with. That we are kindred spirits.

<p>Willee Roberts during a pop-up in our shop in 2016.</p>
Willee Roberts during a pop-up in our shop in 2016.

Well one thing led to another and I was able to meet up with Willee Roberts, the Founder and Creator of Hampui Medicine Hats. This man would become my hat making teacher.

<p>Willee Roberts during a pop-up in our shop in 2016.</p>
Willee Roberts during a pop-up in our shop in 2016.

I knew right away from learning from Willee that he understood how I needed to learn this subtle craft. Willee said, "I will teach you how to make the hat. I will stock you with blanks so you can learn by making them for people, like I did." It was not too long before I began to bring my own process to the teachings.

My process involves a comprehensive understanding of what capacity the hat will be used in. It matters because it is essential for someone to want to wear the hat, that they feel motivated and comfortable to put it on. Unlike others, when I make hats for people I am looking to create a bond, not a look.

The whole process can take from 35 minutes to well over an hour. The bond that I am looking to create is from you through me into the hat. I ask that you are vocal with me through the process about how the hat feels on your head. I am taking the present moment and pausing it into a familiar place right on your head.

Some things that might happen if you ever walk into Late Sunday Afternoon to get a hat:

First we cut the brim down.

Then we bend and shape the brim.

Then we mold the shape of the crown.

We add custom embroidery.

We age the hat with fire and sandpaper.

Add pins, patches, feathers, and more.

Stitch on an ascot as a band around the hat.

Add a hand written message on the inside of the hat.

And finally we bless the hat with sage and set an intention for the journey it's about to go on.

    The process all together will yield a hat unlike anything you could buy in a box store. The process alone will leave you feeling more connected, grounded, and you'll own a hat when we finish.

    When the process is complete, we will walk over to the counter and bless the hat. Many people ask me, "What does that mean? Bless the hat?" The blessing comes from a place of heart energy. It is the conjuring of all the people that made the hat possible. From Willee to the people that collected and molded the felt to my own creative divinity. I ask for protection for you as you wear this medicine hat. Finally, I will ask you if you have anything else you would like to add. Aho*

    What I love most about making hats for people, is the confidence it makes them feel. Confidence is such a special feeling in a world filled with so much shadow and doubt. I pray that these hats are able to bring in a robust confidence every time someone puts one on their head.


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