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Inner Love Outer Peace

A letter to our people

Dear Snuggle Tribe,

Why do we even call it the Snuggle Tribe? What is LSA Explorers Club? How come we have a billboard that says - Recruitment Center for Heart-Minded People?

As a small business in this world, we choose to exist as a beacon of what could be. Everyday, we wake up and come to work with happiness and joy in our hearts, knowing that we choose to create what we want in our lives. Late Sunday Afternoon is a company yes, but more so we are a movement. The goal of our movement is to be a light in the world that is filled with fear, greed, and egoism.

If you are reading this, you likely have had an experience with one of us at our shop or at a craft show. You might have been gifted, hugged, seen, or sold something that made you feel connected to your practice of seeing and growing into your higher self. As the world begins to repeat old trauma patterns yet again, I am asking all of you in the Snuggle Tribe to unite in a collective daily meditation. This meditation has everything to do with strengthening your inner practice of being the light you wish to receive in the world. May we all be able during the good times and bad times to stay clear about our loving awareness: “I am loving awareness”. What we are not changing we are choosing.

Remember to call in your ancestors, who survived and worked so hard to help you get where you are. Be present to all the other people in the world who struggle daily to live. Guide your inner thoughts into affirmations about what you know deep down inside your heart. Live by the Snuggle Tribe way: Kindness is Magic.

Most of all, be real men and women who act as sages to our communities wherever you are. Guide your community, relatives, and lead by example. This embodiment is yours to do the spiritual inner work. Inner Love will bring you to Outer Peace no matter what is happening in your life. Whether today or on your last day.


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