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Gifting Box

Become a better gifter

How many times have we heard that Late Sunday Afternoon has the best gifts? These days people are puzzled when it comes to what to give a friend or family member as a gift. The online space has filled our minds with too many options. How can you become a better gifter we wondered? Let us teach you how to give way better gifts, by bringing our LSA shop experience into your home in the form of a monthly Gifting Box. We have included all the various items needed to create a perfect gift from the card to the stamps, the gift to the ribbons, we got you covered!

Sign up for our subscription plan, choose the frequency of your box, and receive beautiful Late Sunday Afternoon gifts delivered to your house on the regular. Our gift box has a value of $420 and is meant to create a stash of wonderful items, cards, and postage; which makes it easy to mail your loved ones gifts, without ever leaving the house!

Do you ever have a friend's birthday sneak up on you and you don't have a gift ready? Well our Gifting Box comes with stamps, cards, and packaging so you can send something amazing at any moment.

In the truest sense, the subscription giftbox is meant to coach you on gifting all the special people in your life from your parents, spouse, friends, and even the teachers that work hard to keep your kids educated. Love something in the box, keep it! Or use the actual box to store the items that you do not want for yourself, and create a selection to choose from when you need a gift! Our Gifting Box comes with a wide variety of exclusive pieces that all make for a thoughtful gift to someone you love.

Scarves, ascots, pocket squares, books, incense, ceramics, and more. Each time you get a box we mix it up to keep it fresh. No two boxes will be the same ;)

Sign up for your Gifting Box subscription now and begin sharing the giving spirit with your tribe.

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